Holiday blues

Question: I’m starting to feel sort of depressed now that the holidays are here. I don’t really like being so busy with all the stuff you have to do at this time of year. It just feels like I’m already busy enough in my life. I end up feeling tired and want to sleep through it. What advice can you give me?

Winter tree

Nature rests during winter.

Answer : Your body feels one way but you are listening to your mind. Look at nature right now: you don’t see a lot of activity, do you? The trees are not growing leaves; the flowers are not blooming! Why? What is happening? Everything is taking a good rest over the winter. There is a positive reason for everything. Nature has to rest in order to have enough energy to grow up in springtime. This is a natural cycle and everything in nature follows that universal pattern; only humans try to go against it.

In the winter there is less light so it’s natural to go to bed earlier and get up a little later. The problem is for most people their lives are not so flexible to allow this. You can choose to go more with what your body is telling you and change things so you have a little more time to relax and rest. Take some time to meditate and feel peaceful. Don’t get caught in your mind and in what you think the outside world is telling you to do. You don’t “have” to do anything but follow your body’s wisdom and what your heart and spirit tells you. Remember, life is for the fulfillment of your enjoyment.

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