Fibroids and Medical Qigong

Question: Recently, I have been diagnosed with a fibroid tumor in my uterus. Is it possible to heal this kind of condition with Medical Qigong?

Answer: Before I answer your specific question, I’d like to say a few words about Medical Qigong. This form of natural healing is becoming more and more known and studied in the West. In Medical Qigong the practitioner directs his or her Qi, or energy, to the person seeking treatment—for example, through an outstretched hand.

It’s important to know that Medical Qigong is not just a medical treatment, but spiritual healing. You could say that both the healer and the person seeking healing embark on a different kind of healing journey. At a very deep level, there is no illness, nor disease; there is only undiscovered purpose. Everything in this reality has a purpose. This also applies to any condition that a person presents with for healing. True healing is not just a focus on the presenting condition and its symptoms, and true healing does not try to manipulate or stop the condition. For both the Medical Qigong practitioner and the individual seeking treatment, Medical Qigong can help both discover the purpose of the health issue. By understanding the purpose of the issue—why it has occurred—it can be healed.

A wise healer understands that authentic healing always takes place on the spiritual level. Trying to solve a problem only at the physical level is a superficial approach. To be a Medical Qigong practitioner, an individual must undergo intensive energy training in order to understand the human body from the energy perspective and how the body manifests the processes of spiritual growth and development. When a practitioner helps someone heal at the spiritual level, he or she serves as a healing mirror. Therefore, for a Medical Qigong practitioner, keeping their energy strong and pure—a clean and reflective mirror— is an essential and ongoing process.

Now to your question: It is possible to use Medical Qigong to shrink fibroids, but it depends on a few things. The first of these is your age. How old a woman with this condition is can, in general, tell the practitioner something about her Qi. As we age, our level (the amount) of Qi naturally declines. Women’s energy runs in seven-year cycles. As a woman reaches the seventh of these cycles, or age 49, she most likely has entered menopause. Women can experience many symptoms at this time in their lives, especially if they have not taken very good care of themselves, precisely because the level of their Qi has decreased dramatically. Without enough Qi—Qi that flows freely throughout your entire body—and the internal organs working together in harmony, you will not experience good health.

Another factor is how long you’ve had the fibroids. Everything is about energy, and if the energy of the fibroid has been stuck for a long time, it may be more difficult to move.

A fibroid, from the Chinese medicine perspective, relates to what is called a Liver Yang deficiency. Yin and Yang, in Chinese medicine, refers to two complementary energies that are never separate and cannot exist without each other. Everything in the natural world and beyond can be categorized as Yin or Yang. Everything in the body also falls under the control of Yin and Yang. For example, the front of the body is Yin and the back is Yang. The head is Yang and the feet are Yin. However, the designation of anything as Yin or Yang is always relative—there are no absolutes. Here’s an illustration of this: Day is considered Yang, and night is Yin. Yet within the daytime, the period of the very early morning is Yin when compared to the noon, which embodies more Yang qualities.

One ancient TCM saying reflects the importance of Yin and Yang in terms of healing: “As long as you understand the principles of Yin and Yang, you can be a good doctor.” The theory of Yin and Yang is deceptively simple. It’s an essential part of TCM, yet few practitioners truly know how to apply it on a deep level.

When we speak about a Liver Yang deficiency, in very simple terms, this means that the function of the Liver, at the level of energy, is out of balance. One key energy function of the Liver is to keep Qi, blood, and the emotions flowing freely in your body. Liver function that is in some way deficient will not be able to perform this important job, eventually causing energy to stagnate. Over time, this situation can progress to form a mass. It’s important to know that stagnant energy can become a solid mass, and yet once the conditions that created the stagnation have been resolved, the mass can be transformed back into energy again.

Also, with this particular condition, you need to have a male Medical Qigong practitioner. (Your condition involves a Yang deficiency, and Male energy is Yang.) And it’s important that the practitioner must have a good energy practice, otherwise his energy could not impact your situation.

One response to “Fibroids and Medical Qigong

  1. This is wonderful information. I am in hopes that my spirit will lead me to a male Medical Qigong practitioner who has the good energy practice that you speak of. I’m sure the AOMA Clinic located here in Austin, Texas will have someone who will work well with me. I am ready for the good health that will result and hope to use it to fulfill my life’s mission. Thank you so much for your help!

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