How does Chinese medicine view cataracts?

Question: My ophthalmologist has just told that I have begun to form cataracts in both eyes. She says there’s not much I can do at this point; that I have to wait until they “mature” and then have them operated on. I’m curious: How does Chinese medicine view cataracts? Is there anything that can be done to stop them from forming?

Answer: Yes, particularly if you catch them early. When Chinese medicine looks at any condition, there are two levels: one is the physical level; the other is the energy level. Anything that manifests on the physical level is always out of balance at the energy level, which is means the meridians are out of balance. So to fix anything, you have to impact the meridians. If you only impact the physical level, that is only working on the superficial level, which is treating just the symptom. That’s the basic concept.

In classical texts they say the eyes are the window of the soul. In Chinese medicine, we say the eyes are the window of the Liver. You have to understand that it’s not the eyes themselves. You have to look at this the energetic way: to look at the connections. It’s not just nerves; it’s not just something there on the eyes. Behind the physical, there is always energy.

The meridians, energy pathways in your body, impact your eyes. Many meridians connect to the eyes: your Stomach goes to the eyes, your Bladder can impact the eyes, your Gallbladder and your Heart go to the eyes, too. So you really have to know, before the symptom of cataracts happen, which organ has a function disorder. There’s usually another problem. Most of the time, people just don’t get a cataract first; they always have other issues first. If you cannot control these other issues, the cataracts might progress. The issues get deeper, and then the symptom of cataracts is the result. So you should catch this condition at the earliest stage possible and make the body balanced and make each organ function in harmony. That is how Chinese medicine tries to deal with this
health problem. Try to find a good Chinese practitioner or acupuncturist. They will help you balance your body. Then you can eliminate the deeper issues.

If your treatment is really good, you can even fix the cataracts. Once the problem is very deep, you are still able to fix it, but the requirement would be different, because e = mc². Mass and energy are interchangeable. Once the cataract manifests, it becomes physical, it becomes bigger and thicker. You create more energy there. So you just need more energy to reverse this materialized symptom, the cataract. It’s science; quantum physics has shown us that everything is possible. At every level, it’s possible to reverse a condition because e = mc². For our body to create an “m,” something physical, it requires
a different level energy. We just have to ask, Where does this energy come from? How can we save this energy? And how can we use this energy in the specific area where we need it? Chinese medicine has a framework to understand these things and focuses on the energy; it doesn’t focus just on material things, on symptoms.

It’s the same thing with other conditions, like glaucoma, for example. This simple equation, e = mc², applies to anything. You have a condition: a mass or a tumor, for instance. What is its size? What’s the “m”? (What’s the mass?) Then, what’s the energy?

To heal it, I need to create energy. You used energy to create this mass. All I need to do is to transform the mass to become energy once again. So what’s the requirement? How can I create this opportunity to allow the body to do this? This kind of healing is both ways, it’s not a one-way street.

One simple exercise you can practice to eliminate cataracts or to prevent them is
marching. How simple it is! March in place or march around the room or your backyard. Chances are many people won’t believe that such a simple movement can be so effective for this condition, yet it is very powerful, especially with daily practice.

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